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Meet The Owners

It is with much excitement to announce we are the new owners of the Applegate River Lodge. It has been an enormous accomplishment getting to where we are, and we are just getting started. 


As a family, we have always sought out adventure, travel, and pursuit of experiencing as much of life in the best ways we know how.


What we have found is that the best experiences are those in beautiful destinations, with friends and family, thoughtfully sourced food and local drink.


It has been our dream to bring all that we have learned and absorbed along our experiences home and showcase our region's incredible offerings.


What’s coming? We plan to elevate what Joanna Davis and her family built. The lodge and restaurant will undergo minor renovations during the winter. The lodge will continue to stay open, whereas the restaurant will be closed until February. During the time the restaurant is closed, our new chef will be working dutifully on a completely new menu. The bar will offer a wide selection of Applegate Valley wine, craft cocktails and a bourbon selection.


The lodge renovations will start with a refresh of the rooms to include new bedding and décor. The flooring in common areas will be refinished and the carpet will be replaced. The renovations of the bathrooms and flooring in the rooms will come over time.


Finally, we will be rebranding the lodge and restaurant to a new name, The Lindsay. We feel like this is important to make our mark in the beginning and for people to know to expect something different on their next visit. The new branding will give us an opportunity to align all aspects of the lodge, restaurant and wedding venue  to our vision.


We would love for you to be a part of this journey with us. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram or stop by the lodge. We would love to hear about what you love or don’t love about the lodge. What we are providing is a place for our community to gather at and enjoy. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible.

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