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Olive Oil Poached Halibut - August 25, 2023

The special for this weekend is an Olive Oil Poached Halibut with Sunday Gravy Broth, Charred Flutterby Farms Summer Squash and Spring Onion Padron Pepper Salsa.

What was the inspiration this week? Health and Wellness. It is top of mind as we deal with the annual air quality issues due to the wildfires. The smoke isn't something we have control over. We do have control over the other things that keep our bodies healthy, like eating healthy food. So this weekend we have a high quality protein, fresh local vegetables and a healthy fat creates a balanced meal.

Chef John's Sunday gravy broth is a fun component of the dish. It is is created from the tips/ends of the charcuterie he is making in-house, ground pork from our pig and an abundance of tomatoes and herbs that are jumping right now. Spring onions, garlic confit, dill, roasted padrons mixed with koji lemon vinaigrette will tie everything together to cut all the fat.

We get to highlight 3 local producers in the Applegate for our special. They are Banyon Farms, Flutterby and Troon Vineyards. Most of the components of the salad are coming from Banyon Farms, the squash is coming from Flutterby and the padron peppers are coming from Troon Vineyards.

The special will be available starting Friday August 25th through Sunday August 27th. Indoor and outdoor dining available.

Bon Appétit

The Lindsay Team


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