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Aged Duck Confit - Nov 3rd 2023

The feature this weekend is Aged Duck Confit with cannellini bean stew, oyster mushrooms, escarole, preserved cherry and cured lemon gremolata.

The feature this weekend is a mastery of cooking techniques and flavor combinations. It is sure to be one of the most unique and flavorful dishes you've ever eaten.

Let's start off with the aged duck confit. The duck was cured and poached in duck fat and then put under a layer of duck fat for about 3 months. The duck fat acts as a preservative for the duck and is a technique that was used to keep meat from spoiling before the days of refrigerators.The aging adds incredible flavor and tenderization to the meat.

The white bean stew is not going to disappoint either. It consists of a mix of cannellini white beans, oyster and porcini mushrooms and escarole (Italian bitter greens). The porcini mushrooms were gotten from our local mushroom dealer earlier this week and Chef John used a technique on the porcini's called 'conserva'. Conserva is a mix between pickling and confit that allows you to extend the life of the mushrooms while adding amazing flavor to them.

The icing on the cake is how the dish is finished. Chef John created a mixture of aged lemon peels, garlic, parsley, thyme, crispy duck skin and toasted focaccia bread that's combined into a flavorful gremolata that's added to the stew. Finally, it is topped with cherries that have been poached in pinot noir and basil vinegar for months which adds an incredible balance of flavors to the dish.

Additionally, we are running our "local's special" November and December. This week is a Chicken Piccata. It's a timeless dish that everyone enjoys. You know it's going to be flavorful and fresh, like any of the food that comes out of Chef John's kitchen.

Bon Appétit

The Lindsay Team


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