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Jägerschnitzel - October 12 2023

Back by popular demand, we are running the Oktoberfest special this weekend! We received so much positive feedback and we ended up selling out of the Jaegerschnitzel for everyone to be able to enjoy it.

What was all of the hype about? Well it was tradition German food that let you enjoy the flavors of Oktoberfest. We even had multiple Germany natives tell us was "some of the best schnitzel they've eaten". On the menu again is a Jaegerschnitzel, a German Kutchen, and a Warsteiner beer. These specials will be running Friday September Oct 13th through Sunday October 15th.

The Jaegerschnitzel is a breaded pork cutlet smothered in a mushroom gravy, pickled red cabbage and generous serving of cheddar spaetzle. The cheddar spaetzle is a cheesy twist on the classic German noodle dish.

The Kutchen is a sweet butter shortbread with apple pears from Sun Spirit Farm, and a spiced sour cream custard cake. Each bite is a blend of textures and flavors, bringing you the comforting warmth of autumn.

Whether you're a fan of German cuisine or simply looking to try something new, the features this weekend are a great way to enjoy a sliver of Oktoberfest this side of the pond. Prost to good food and good times!


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