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Dirty Cherry

Cola, Chef's Cherry Syrup, Vodka


Lindsay Old Fashioned

Bourbon, Applegate Lavender, Bitters, Lemon Twist


Calabrian Margarita

Calabrian Chili, Triple sec, Lime, Simple, Tequila


Crushed Olive Martini

Dry Vermouth, Salt, Fresh Cracked Pepper, Smoked Olive Oil, Vodka


Bee Sting

Honey, Lemon, Ancho Reyes, Gin


Maracuya Pisco Sour

Passion Fruit, Olio, Egg Whites, Bitters, Chilean Pisco


Lemongrass Tonic

Lemongrass, Lemon, St. Germain, Vodka, Soda


Tayberry Patch

Pennington Farm Berries, Mint, Lemon, Bourbon


Guava Mojito

Guava, Mint, Lime, Rum


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