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Behind the Apron: Unveiling Culinary Craftsmanship

Welcome to the new series of 'Behind the Apron' where we showcase the culinary journey at The Lindsay Restaurant. The Executive Chef, John Blevins, has an incredible talent of using his knowledge of transforming raw ingredients into a culinary masterpiece.

For you who have been to The Lindsay, you've been able to experience the complexity and sophistication of the dishes John creates. These dishes aren't something that can be created simply. In some cases, it takes weeks to ferment, pickle or age the ingredients before they can be used. In this blog, we'd like to peel back the curtain on the process John goes through to allow you to appreciate the food you are being served.

We also want celebrate the dedication and determination of what John and his team @ The Lindsay put into each dish. In a world where so many things come out of a freezer or are packaged, it is a joy to be able to see and experience food in a place dedicated to the art of cooking using local, fresh ingredients.

We are now 6 months since The Lindsay first opened. Since then, we've had countless weekend specials, a summer menu change and we've introduced brunch. The feedback from all of you has been incredible and we thank you for your support.

A highlight at The Lindsay has has been the weekend specials. This is John's opportunity to 'freestyle' his talent. It has become a staple for our regulars and a nice addition to the menu for first-time diners. Incredible, delicious and creative are the words to describe the dishes thus far. Our goal now is to post weekly to describe what the upcoming dish will be, the preparation that goes into the dish and pictures along the way. For diners at the restaurant, we will put a QR code on the special menu that will allow you to read the effort in preparing what you’re eating. It is a fun way to appreciate the dish and showcase how much work went into it.

Thanks for reading and bon appétit!


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